We offer affordable consultation rates about the “how” and “what” of your design ideas in order to transfer them into reality.

Every room has its function. It serves as a place of relaxation or concentration. In other rooms, we celebrate or seek solitude.

Yes, we want one thing in all rooms, to be ourselves. And there, where we have the freedom of many design possibilities, we want to achieve the best possible solution for the design.

In order to achieve the maximum out of a design there are Interior Designers. A good designer has mastered the rules of style in the finest of detail. A designer does not dominate with their knowledge or taste but acts more like a midwife.

How does a consultation work? Our services include the following:

In a detailed conversation we will analyze your design ideas and requirements for the project. Will complete rooms be designed? Something added to an existing interior? We will come to you and make an assessment of your original design concept. There is no better place to discuss a concept than in the space itself.
Do you have more than only a small request? We can create a concept for or with you. Visual presentations can include mood boards, color schemes, lighting, furniture, flooring and decoration. For larger jobs, when required, we can arrange for a 3D computer sketch or draw a perspective by hand to enhance the visualization.
We will also present our estimate with an estimated time schedule. If the project requires, we can offer merchandise or organize and coordinate trade services.