»Tradition is the passing on of fire and not the worship of ashes.«

Our Philosophy

As a small team of respected designers, we combine more of the traditional with the new. We have opened our studio across the street from Vienna’s English Theatre in order to live out our passion together with clients.


What makes us different than the rest?

• We offer moderate hourly rates or the possibility of a flat rate fee.
• Our clients buy directly from our suppliers at our purchase price!
• For our Services we charge only a commission fee for the respective purchases and expenses acquired.
• Therefore, working together with Traditional Interiors is completely transparent, without the trade mark ups or the so called discounts.


Within our years of working in design, we have (almost) done it all. working with all budgets and deadlines, from a small city pied a Terre to complete renovations and installations of residences, Embassies and hotels in Vienna, London, Moscow, Madrid, Amsterdam and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

To our references 


Choose from easy affordable hourly rates to elaborate planning. We have decades of experience with high end installations and will offer an individual package best suited to your needs.

To our services


Our passion is quality furnishings- especially from England, where they are handmade with fine woods and finishes. In addition, we have exceptional suppliers from Italy, France and Austria and … Quality does not have to be expensive.

More information


A pulpit perhaps or a sock for your chandelier? New wallpaper, a custom walk-in wardrobe, advice with color, lighting, new draperies? Please send us an e-mail at leaving your name and a short description of what you are looking for or call us now at +43 1 403 24 93.